Suffering From Constipation? Follow These Tips

With pregnancy comes constipation because of hormonal changes and relaxed intestinal muscles. Also, your uterus grows to carry the baby and creates pressure on your intestines which causes constipation. 

If you cannot clear your bowels properly, it’s time to follow these mentioned tips. 

Drink enough water

If you do not drink enough water then you can never get rid of constipation. Always ensure that you are well-hydrated and drink down healthy fluids during pregnancy. Coconut and fruit-infused water are going to be your best friends while pregnancy as they not only help in preventing constipation but will also give you the nourishment you and your baby deserve. 

Eat fibrous foods

You can also suffer from constipation if you do not have enough fibre in your body. Consume foods with dietary fibre, like 
  • whole-grain bread 
  • avocado 
  • oats 
  • almonds 
  • bran 
  • spinach
  • prunes 
  • chickpeas 
  • artichokes 
  • lentils 
  • brown rice. 

Drink hot water on an empty stomach

To stimulate your bowels, you can drink warm or hot water on an empty stomach. Note, the water should not be burning hot, it should be hot enough like your soup for consumption and bowel stimulation. 


Living a sedentary lifestyle would not improve your constipation. You should exercise regularly for encouraging bowel movements. 

Avoid Caffeine

As we know, caffeinated drinks cause dehydration further resulting in constipation. If you’re already suffering from constipation it is best to completely cut down the consumption of tea or coffee or any other caffeinated drink. 

Try medicines

If you do not have the patience and would rather want quick results then ask your doctor to prescribe you medicines for treating constipation. Do not consume laxatives or any other drug without the medical professional’s approval. Laxatives are not recommended to pregnant women as they might cause uterine contractions, however, there are safe laxatives for pregnancy so ask your doctor for the right one and the correct dosage of the same. 

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